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Posted by:  3:56 PM CST

As parents and loved ones grow old, families begin to take on the job of providing extra assistance and care to for them. It is not uncommon for children or other family members to help their parents or grandparents as they begin to need extra assistance. Here are seven facts about (more)

Posted by:  8:33 AM CST

Any big life change, such as moving to a new place, can take time to adjust. Everyone’s experience may be different and Copperleaf Senior Living is here to help make the transition smoother. At Copperleaf, we provide the quality care and extensive services to ensure the health and safety of our (more)

Posted by:  12:50 PM CST

When elderly adults are having difficulty performing day-to-day activities or don’t feel comfortable in their own home, Copperleaf Senior Living is the perfect solution. At Copperleaf, we have a multitude of options including; Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Home Care. We pride ourselves with our ability to provide the specialized (more)

Posted by:  3:48 PM CST

Starting a conversation with a parent about assisted living can be a big step in life. This conversation might be difficult or confusing and knowing the right things to say is key. It’s very common for families to ignore the thought of assisted living and pretend there is no issue, (more)

Wednesday 24 October 2018
Posted by:  11:18 AM CST

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting brisk which means Halloween is approaching. The October 31st, time-honored tradition of dressing up and going door to door yelling “Trick or Treat” is still anticipated by young and old today. In Schofield residents will be making popcorn balls for visiting (more)

Posted by:  11:26 AM CST

Everyone has heard the adage; “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,”” Recently, Copperleaf Senior Living Life Enrichment Coordinators (LEC), Jackie Z. and Colleen D. learned that “Laughter IS the best medicine” while attending a two day training workshop known as the World Laughter Tour ( Copperleaf hosted the (more)

Thursday 18 October 2018
Posted by:  12:04 PM CST

Recently, the Stevens Point Armory was filled with hundreds of individuals looking for that ‘perfect’ job. As one of those 59 booths, Copperleaf Senior Living had pens, candy and applications; but what was also provided to the inquiring job seeker was an honest explanation of what the job would require them (more)

Posted by:  4:44 PM CST

Good nutrition and balanced meals are imperative for elderly individuals. Thankfully at Copperleaf Senior Living our cooks have knowledge and understanding of these changes and work very hard to ensure that our residents are getting the proper nutritious meals they need to over-come those eating obstacles. Carol K at Schofield AL is (more)

Posted by:  11:52 AM CST

For some individuals, technology can be as frightening as going to the dentist but at Copperleaf Senior Living, one form of technology has residents dancing in their seats! The IN2L or “It’s Never 2 Late-Dignity through Technology” system is an amazing tool that provides everything from guided tours through Europe (more)

Tuesday 18 September 2018
Posted by:  2:44 PM CST

Exercise for Senior Citizens As we age, statistically our inactivity will also increase. This inactivity can have a negative toll on our health, ranging from a decline in cognitive function to deconditioning of the body as a whole. Over the decades there have been many theories on how the aging population can (more)