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Our Copperleaf Care teams are important to us and valued by our residents, their families, and their loved ones.

Copperleaf Management is a group of business professionals working collectively to ensure a quality of care unlike any other for our residents, their families, and their loved ones. All members of our management teamwork diligently to provide ethical guidance and reinforce positive and constructive leadership within their designated facility care teams. 

Currently, our eight facility care teams are comprised of the following team members: a director, a team lead, an activities coordinator, a cook and kitchen staff, a house-keeping and maintenance crew, and a platform of compassionate caregivers, medication managers, and registered nurses. However, our facility care teams extend beyond the immediate care staff of the facility itself. Our facility care teams include those dedicated individuals and community groups in each city who routinely offer their time and talents to provide a better quality of life for our residents. 

We have designed these facility care teams to promote honesty and authenticity, trust worthiness and compassion, responsibility and work ethic, and higher leadership. These are a few of the core values we encourage at Copperleaf Management and aim to impart upon our quality care teams.

Our team members understand their responsibilities and join in the continuous team effort to maintain a fluent working environment of appropriately aligned positions. Their significance in ensuring a culture of communication and collaboration is of utmost importance. We are proud of the time and effort our facility care teams, under the guidance and training of our management team, put into meeting and exceeding the expectations of each of their individual positions.

Because of our passionate and dedicated Copperleaf Care team members, our residents are provided with quality care, and Copperleaf Management Group can uphold our long-standing standard of excellence, “…a better place, a better life, for everyone today!” 

If you are interested in joining the Copperleaf Care team, please visit our careers page to fill out an employment application.

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