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Posted by:  3:23 PM CST

The holidays are all about spending quality time with loved ones. This could also be a great time to reconnect and check in on an aging parent or loved one who is living alone. The thought of a parent aging can bring on feelings of anxiety for many adult children, (more)

Sunday 20 October 2019
Posted by:  6:12 PM CST

For individuals dealing with changes or decline in brain function, it is important for them to get the proper care and help that they need and deserve. Copperleaf Senior Living cares about their community and is a facility committed to following a positive approach to memory care. Copperleaf ensures that all (more)

Posted by:  7:27 AM CST

There are many benefits to having a pet, especially for older adults. Having a pet can reduce feelings of loneliness and depression, combat anxiety, reduces blood pressure, increase activeness and so much more. There are many different kinds of animals and different breeds so it’s important to research which would (more)

Tuesday 13 August 2019
Posted by:  3:15 PM CST

Grief is a strong and sometimes overwhelming emotion that someone may feel after a loss. It is the natural and common reaction to the death of a loved one or major life change. It is important to know grief and depression are not the same. Understanding the difference can help (more)

Posted by:  2:52 PM CST

Someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s may experience a withdrawal from things which were once important to them. Such things include hobbies, activities, sports, social activities, events, and friends. Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of dementia, is a progressive disease which causes brain cells to degenerate and die. This in turn, causes (more)

Posted by:  2:16 PM CST

Anyone who owns or has owned a pet in their lifetime knows just how much joy an animal can bring. According to, studies have shown the bond between pets and their owners have lowered stress, increased fitness and energy levels, as well as proven health benefits such as decreased (more)

Posted by:  12:03 PM CST

Making the transition into a new home, lifestyle, and routine can be a stressful life change for elderly seniors moving into an assisted living facility. New friends and social events can make the transition a little easier. In a survey on loneliness and social isolation from the University of Michigan, 8 (more)

Posted by:  8:10 AM CST

As a caregiver for a loved one with dementia, you might be faced with increased levels of stress.This could lead towards anxiety, depression, burnout, or being overwhelmed. Caregivers often spend over 20 hours a week caring for their loved one with dementia.This can be financially, physically, and emotionally straining as well (more)

Posted by:  12:36 PM CST

There are so many options when it comes to picking the right housing facility and care for your loved one. Senior living is a broad umbrella term which covers; assisted living communities, independent living, nursing homes, dementia care communities, and short-term stays. Understanding what each of these options mean is (more)

Posted by:  12:35 PM CST

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it is important you take the crucial steps to protect their financial and medical treatment matters.It is important to take care of this well before your loved one is unable to make these types of decisions on their own. Be sure to have (more)