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Thursday 18 October 2018

Do You Have What It Takes?

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Recently, the Stevens Point Armory was filled with hundreds of individuals looking for that ‘perfect’ job. 

As one of those 59 booths, Copperleaf Senior Living had pens, candy and applications; but what was also provided to the inquiring job seeker was an honest explanation of what the job would require them to do.  Beyond assisting residents with personal care, it was stressed that the applicant will be required to come to work with a caring attitude.  The cleaning, laundry and helping with meals will be rewarded with resident smiles, hugs and appreciation. 

As a caregiver for Copperleaf Senior Living, in exchange for providing quality care for our residents, you can expect to receive a competitive wage, an annual bonus, health and dental insurance for full-time employees and a safe and friendly environment.  You will also receive the necessary training and education to successfully do your job; praise and recognition for your efforts and an overall feeling of being part of an organization that believes our residents should be treated like our own family members.

Recently, our employees received a gift of gratitude for their efforts.  Hand-written notes from the owners, Krista and Jim Mendyke were accompanied by gas cards, lottery tickets and a few other goodies just to show appreciation.  Last year every employee received an additional check, based on hours of service, due to the 2019 anticipated tax reform. 

Here are just a few of the comments of some of our employees; I really like working at Copperleaf, the staff really cares about the residents, and the management really cares about the staff.”  I have worked for copperleaf for over 8 years! I have worked in most of their facilities! I started out at the bottom and with the help of the owners I have climbed to the top! There is no amount of money that would ever get me to work anywhere else! The owners are so caring and compassionate and are there for me day or night! I have never worked for a company who truly cares for their employees like they do!!!!!”

So, when going through your check-list of expectations for an employer, consider this; if you are compassionate, caring and willing to work, Copperleaf Senior Living will provide, education, appreciation and an opportunity to work as a caregiver and help to fulfill our mission of “A better place, A better life, for Everyone Today.”