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Resident Perspectives

Jenneva M Copperleaf Assisted Living of Schofield

I discovered this facility with the help of family. I had to relocate due to being paralyzed and needing to find a facility that would be better for the care I needed. Copperleaf is closer to my home, which is where my husband is. One benefit is that the rooms here at Copperleaf are larger than many other facilities that I have seen. I enjoy that we have our own private bathroom. The staff here have really assisted with my love of gardening. Even with my disability I can still have a passion about gardening because the staff here will help me with planting stuff as well as taking care of the garden beds. I would recommend Copperleaf to others because the other residents here are very sociable. We have an activity person on staff who participates with residents daily. We have cookouts a lot during the warmer weather months. The staff here are friendly, and the facility allows privacy if preferred. Staff here show interest in the residents, and who they were as a person before moving to a facility.


Terrance F Copperleaf Assisted Living of Schofield

Julie, my wife discovered Copperleaf while looking for places. I know that I wanted to be in a place where I felt comfortable and didn’t feel like I was being controlled or like I was in an institution. I needed a place that wasn’t overpriced. One benefit is the quality of food here, it’s very good tasting, and the food is homemade as well. I chose this place due to more freedom as well, I don’t feel controlled and can walk around the facility and the gated back patio. There is caring and compassionate staff here. The cleanliness of the building caught my eye too. I would recommend Copperleaf to someone else due to the caring staff and the very caring/family environment here.


MaryAnn G North Crest Assisted Living

MaryAnn felt she could not live in her own apartment safely anymore. She had scheduled a tour with another facility, but while speaking to a friend she found out her friend was now living in one of the three North Haven Homes. She cancelled her appointment and called Copperleaf to see if there was an opening. MaryAnn thought if her friend was happy and satisfied in her new home, so would she. "I have been very satisfied since moving here 3 years ago. The staff and director are very nice. The activities and food are very good. The atmosphere is nice and calm, and the residents are very nice too."


Priscilla G Copperleaf Assisted Living of Marathon

I wanted to live with my granddaughter and her family, but I knew they were too busy with their own lives and I didn’t want to be alone and wanted to find somewhere close to them. I grew up close by in this area and the surrounding small communities. I chose Copperleaf due to the fantastic owners and everything they do for us. I enjoy everything the staff does for us Seniors. There is always something to do to keep us busy, which helps the day go by faster. If you ask Priscilla if she would recommend Copperleaf, her response is, "Of course, I have no complaints. This is such a wonderful place to be. I couldn’t be anymore happy. This is my home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else"


Sherrie M Copperleaf Village of Ripon

I have lived at Copperleaf of Ripon for little less than a year and recently had a hospital stay which ended up with me going to live in a nursing home. When I got there, they asked me what my goal was. It was to go back to Copperleaf Village. It is the place I truly belong and where I have friends with other residents, but mostly with staff. They have supported me with a lot of up’s and down’s and I am glad to be back with my Copperleaf Family.


Robert K Copperleaf Village of Ripon

I have lived at Copperleaf of Ripon for over two years and it has alwasy been a great experience. The staff and management have always made me feel like family. They have done things for me that are above and beyond the job description.


Lorrie B (POA) of Cynthia B North Haven

North Haven is a beautiful facility. In the time since my sister has moved in all the staff and director have been great with her. They helped her to adjust to being in a new place very well. They are really respectful before walking into residents’ rooms, as they knock first. They listen to what people have to say and they are respectful if someone isn’t ready to do something. The staff and director are so great about answering any questions I have. The director really did a lot to help me through placing my sister. All I can say is they have a beautiful facility and great, loving staff. It makes me happy knowing my sister is happy at North Haven.


Marcella F (Family Member) of George F Liberty Village

To the staff members at Liberty Village, we are humbled by the care and compassion shown to us by all of you. We wanted you to know how very greatful we are for all of the exceptional staff who comforted and enjoyed the respect and love he received.