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Having The Talk

Having "The Talk" About a Move to Senior Living

Starting the conversation with a family member about the topic of moving to an assisted living community is no easy task. Please allow these tips to guide you across certain topics, paving the path for a smoother conversation.

  • Preparation - Be prepared, do your research, show that the senior living communities of today are entirely different than the institutions that our parents grew up envisioning. Additionally, we recommend having plenty of educational information about the vast variety of care options that are offered to seniors..
  • Let voices be heard - All family members and trusted family friends should be allowed to have their voice/opinion be herd.
  • Timing - Do your due diligence to ensure the time that has been arranged for this discussion is accommodating to the needs of the loved one and the rest of the family.
  • Choose the right people - Sometimes it will take more than the desires of our loved ones to change our current beliefs. Inviting appropriate outside parties can be very beneficial such as senior care consultants, clergymen, physicians, or friends of the family.
  • Listen - Hearing and understanding everyone's wishes and concerns is imperative
  • Revisit the subject - We recommend not entering the conversation with an expectation that your loved one will say “Yes!” by the time the conversation has come to a conclusion. Sometimes these conversations will require multiple attempts/conversations. We believe the time in-between conversations will allow the family member to absorb information.