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Wednesday 10 July 2019

Five Benefits of Pet Friendly Assisted Living Homes

Posted by at 2:16 PM

Five Benefits of Pet Friendly Assisted Living Homes

Anyone who owns or has owned a pet in their lifetime knows just how much joy an animal can bring.  According to, studies have shown the bond between pets and their owners have lowered stress, increased fitness and energy levels, as well as proven health benefits such as decreased cholesterol and blood pressure.

Being healthy and happy are key to living a quality life.  For elderly seniors who may experience increased stress or feelings of loneliness, a pet friendly facility might be a good choice.

Increased happiness, joy, and energy - The pure love and loyalty a pet can bring you is very special.  The bonds between owners and their pets can result in increased happiness and joy within a person.  A pet can provide calmness and promote living in the moment, due to pets being unpredictable at times.

Increased fitness routine - Owning a pet, requires you to feed and take it for walks, this can help a senior get outside and receive the proper exercise.  This will help keep their bodies healthy and active.  Even taking short walks with a dog can increase circulation and blood flow.

Decreased loneliness - Having a pet as a companion can greatly decrease feelings of loneliness, which can improve overall health.  This can also decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress.  Having your pet move with you when making the transition into a new home, such as an independent living or assisted living home can make the transition much easier.

Decreased health issues and symptoms - According to, a pet can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels to name a few.  These health benefits are extremely positive for seniors, making a pet friendly facility more desirable.

Increased opportunities for socialization  - With a pet brings a lot of responsibility such as taking them on walks, taking them to the pet store or the groomer, and maybe even to the park.  Caring for a pet increases chances for socializing with other members of the community and other residents in your facility.

There are so many reasons why a pet friendly assisted living facility might be optimal for overall health and happiness of seniors, but this might not be ideal for everyone due to severe allergies or those with weakened immune systems.

Copperleaf recognizes the great benefits animals can offer for their residents.  Although, Copperleaf Assisted Living allows furry friends into their communities to visit their residents, pets are not allowed to live long term with their owners within the homes.