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Thursday 12 October 2017

national fire safety month | October 2017

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national fire safety month | October 2017

During this second week of October, fire safety, prevention, and awareness are recognized at the National level. Copperleaf Management is proud to acknowledge our care providers as meeting the qualifications required by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to complete CBRF Fire Safety Training.

During this training course, taught at our business office by our Copperleaf Training Academy instructors, our care providers learn that every employee in an assisted living facility plays a key role in helping residents remain safe during an emergency. They understand that knowing their role in advance is the critical to responding rapidly, calmly, and efficiently.

The acronym RACE(E) stands for the five basic steps that everyone should remember in the event of a fire or alarm. The first step is the most important. The next steps may be carried out in a different order, depending on the circumstances and or the systems within a given facility. The five steps are as follows:

Rescue: Remove those in immediate danger.

Activate the alarm: Notify the fire department/911 and others in the facility.

Control: Prevent the fire from spreading. Compartmentalize, or try to contain the fire.

Evacuate: Evacuate all residents from the building according to your facility plan.

Extinguish: If it is safe to do so, use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

To all our Copperleaf Care Teams and anyone associated with Copperleaf Care, we would like to offer this as a reminder to remember to RACE(E) in an emergency situation. Follow these simple steps- they may possibly save lives during an emergency in both the workplace and home settings.